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2x2 program is another very important available for Networking Square Affiliates. This program is the most effective program of all the programs available in the other Business Networking forums. This is the biggest differentiator between Networking Square and other Business Networking forums.

Objective of 2x2 is:

  • Bonding between affiliates
  • Better understanding of each other’s
    • Goals & Plan of Action
    • Businesses
    • Focus
  • Know how to position each other within the individuals contact sphere
  • Know where and how to support each other
  • Meet goals as a team
Preparations for 2x2

  • Fill 2x2 formats available in the folder
    (Business Profile & Personal Profile – Especially designed for the 2x2)
  • Having these forms ready is very important for you to have a complete and successful 2x2 and see your business grow
Location of the 2x2 meeting

  • Plan a meeting either in your office or in the office of one of the Fellow Affiliates Office who is a part of your team.
    (It is suggested that it is best to conduct the 2x2 in the office of the Affiliate in Focus)
  • If both these options are not available or feasible, then plan the 2x2 in a coffee shop which is quite and where you all can sit and discuss for about 2 hours.
Time & place for 2x2 meeting

  • It is advised that the 2x2 should also be planned in the morning from 8am to 10am.
  • This helps you get back to your work without affecting your productivity.
  • You may have a 2x2 at other times during the day too, but the most effective is the one which is held in the morning.
How many participants in a 2x2?

  • In one 2x2 team you should have a total of “FOUR AFFILIATES – Including you”.
  • This is the recommended size for a 2x2 to be effective
Who should I do 2x2 with?
  • Refer to the “Cluster Roaster” in your folder. This has details of all your fellow affiliates.
  • Approach your Cluster Leadership Team (President, Secretary & Treasurer) and schedule a 2x2 with them.
    It is very important for you to have your first 2x2 with your Cluster Leadership Team. 
    (Ensure you start your 2x2 with your CLT within 15 days of joining the cluster)
  • Go through the “Cluster Roaster” and identify the Affiliates who share same category of customers as yours. 
    For example: If you are in stationary business and if your customers are schools, there may be another affiliate in your cluster who is into manufacturing of uniforms and must be having schools as his customers too. They are the ones who you should have your next 2x2 as soon as possible.
  • Then look for other affiliates and plan your 2x2 with the other affiliates too.
When to conduct a 2x2?
  • New affiliate
    • Within 2 weeks of joining the cluster he/she should have their FIRST 2x2
    • Complete 2x2 with ALL AFFILIATES within 60 days of joining the cluster
  • Existing affiliates
    • Minimum ONE 2x2 every week
    • Repeat 2x2 as a group TWO times every month
      (Statistics have shown best results if this is actually done)
What should you carry for a 2x2?
  • Your "Business Profile" & "Personal Profile"
    (Refer to your inception kit)
    (Take minimum 4 copies of each document)
  • Your visiting cards
    (Give 5 visiting cards to each participant of 2x2 for their records)
  • Your product brochures / pamphlets / testimonials / award certificates (If possible)
  • Note pad or diary in which you can note down the points of discussion, action points, etc.
  • Pen (2 colors) & Pencil
How often should we meet for a 2x2?
  • Usually there are 4 individuals in a 2x2
  • Whenever you meet for the first time as a group, plan a WEEKLY MEETING for the next 4 weeks.
    (Decide dates in advance)
  • Focus on only ONE PERSON every week
  • Once the first 4 weeks plan is completed, then from the subsequent month plan to meet once every 15 days (TWO TIMES A MONTH) (Decide dates in advance)
  • These fortnightly meetings continue for a minimum period of ONE year from the date of the FIRST MEETING.
Plan of action in 1st Month (4 meetings)
  • For each meeting the "Affiliate in focus" (AIF) will be different.
  • The person in focus will first explain his / her business / services to all the other 3 affiliates present. He should use the Business Profile & the Personal Profile document as a base for this explanation. 
    (This introduction should be completed in maximum ONE HOUR)
Question to be asked during the 2x2(First 4 meetings only)
One of the affiliate present would ask the following questions and all affiliates will note down the responses received from the "AIF". The questions are as follows:
  • What is your GOAL for the next 12 months?
  • One is free to share both Personal & Professional Goals.
  • What is the Emotional Reason that you want to achieve these goals? (Why do you want what you want?)
  • What are the assumptions you had considered, that make you feel that you will be able to achieve these Goals?
  • What are the measurable mile stones you have planned which will tell you about your progress in the right direction?
  • What actions have you planned which will help you reach these mile stones as planned?
  • What support you need from 3 of us so that you can reach your mile stones either on time or before time?
  • What can you as an individual offer to the 3 of us?
  • What are your USP's that you would want us to highlight to our connects when we position you with them?
Questions to be asked from 2nd Month (Remember you are meeting 2 times every month)
  • What is the status of your monthly goal? (Achieved / Backlog)
  • Share the best moments of the previous month (Success Story)
  • What is the status of the connect/s which were passed to you in the last meeting?
  • What support you need to close those connects?
  • Any other support you need from any of us?
  • Share the connects generated for the AFFILIATE IN FOCUS
    Each affiliate should get atleast ONE CONNECT for the AFFILIATE's in FOCUS.
  • What new connects have you been able to generate for the 3 of us?
    AFFILIATE's in FOCUS should always come with minimum ONE CONNECT.
Additional activities from 3rd Month
  • Share "Testimonials"
  • Share the "Group Success Story" in the weekly cluster meeting
  • Invite at least ONE VIP for each 2x2 meeting from the 3rd month
  • Plan a team visit to the TOP 5 customers of all the 4 Affiliates
  • Plan an evening dinner at least once every TWO months
  • Plan a family outing once every THREE months
Code of ethics for a 2x2
  • There are possibilities that there can be instances which can raise conflict of interest or disagreements within the Affiliates in a particular 2x2 group. If this happens, escalate the issue to the "Cluster Leadership Team" and request their intervention.
  • Personal comments should be avoided
  • Maintain decorum of the forum by respecting each other
  • Be truthful & keep your commitments
  • Meet regularly
  • Any questions or clarification regarding company policies should be raised with the Cluster Leadership Team or the Directors of Networking Square Private Limited only (Avoid gossiping & spreading of negativity)
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