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“Networking SquareTM is an organization which adds value to the process of conducting business among professionals and business owners by implementing unique and continuously improving processes so as to provide a consistent growth in the business of its Associates and Affiliates”.

Networking SquareTM Private Limited is going to have its operations in various towns and cities so that we can reach the rural part of the country. There are enough number of business people & business opportunities in these areas but there are no forums like Networking SquareTM which link those areas and urban towns like ours.

Networking SquareTM Private Limited has decided a very Ambitious Goal for itself and that is “To create 
31,20,000 NEW CROREPATIES by 7th Dec, 2030

Would you want to be part of this moment to make it happen? Do you think this will give you some satisfaction if you can help someone become a croreparti and make his family a happy family? Think about this if you have not thought of this before...... We at Networking SquareTM are excited about making this happen.

Networking SquareTM motto & aim is simple “Stability & Growth with a clear focus of meeting the fellow affiliate’s personal and professional goals”. 
Networking SquareTM Private Limited has come up with a unique philosophy “Connect Right Grow BrightTM”.

“Connect Right Grow Bright
TM” philosophy is as follows:

It’s not about volume of references that we are looking at, we are looking at reducing the efforts to meet your personal & professional goals, but at the same time being sensitive about the fellow affiliates services and promote them at every opportunity we get. At Networking SquareTM, we are looking “if that Connect has reduced the effort for you while taking you closer to your goals”?
We all know we have business goals & we all know what actions can take us closer to our goals. If you get a reference which is not in line with your actions, will you be interested in taking that action

Well “Connect Right Grow Bright
TM” is that philosophy which say the following:

Before giving a CONNECT understand the other persons Goals.

Identify the actions that he aim’s to take to meet his goals.

Understand what he needs now to get closer to his goal (This means, he might just not need a customer but he might need a good reliable vendor or he might need staff or he might need some legal / finance person to take an opinion, etc.)

Identify from your Contact Circle those people who can fulfil these needs of the fellow affiliates and connect them to each other.