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Various formats
Networking Square Private Limited keeps identifying various formats and processes which when used by Professionals and Business Owners, will help them 

- Connect better with their fellow Affiliates
- Build everlasting strong relationships
- Build Trust for their services and products
- Leads to more and more business
- Leads to faster achievement of individuals personal & professional goals

Affiliate Bio Sheet
Affiliate Bio-Sheet is a very important document. Networking Square will suggest that each Affiliate should fill this document very carefully. We also recommend that the affiliate should do the following:

  1. Share the Bio Sheet with all the affiliates. (Whenever any new Affiliate joins, make it a point that you give this document to him on the day of his inception only)
  2. Prepare at least 3 to 4 affiliates in your cluster who can effectively read your Bio-Sheet and introduce you to the cluster on the day of your presentation. This is very important to create the right impact and trust in the forum.
  3. Keep updating this document every 3 months and keep sharing it with all the affiliates every 3 months.
Download 7 - Affiliate Biography Sheet.pdf
Affiliate Business Profile
Affiliate Business Profile is another very important document. We recommend that each affiliate carefully fills the details in this document. We recommend the following actions / activities with this document:

  1. Each affiliate should carefully fill this document and give it to all the fellow affiliates. Giving minimum 5 copies to your fellow affiliates. (You may attach your visiting card along with this document too). Also demand the Affiliate Business Profile from your fellow affiliates and keep the same in your folder so that you can give it to the connects you identify for your fellow affiliates.
  2. Keep this document at the VIP Registration Desk and request your VIP Host to hand over this document to every VIP who walks in to attend the meeting.
  3. Keep updating this document every 3 months and keep repeating point number 1 & 2 regularly.
Download 9 - Affiliate Business Profile_Page 1.pdf